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Hi Jorge,

I've been using iZotope Rx for a couple of years and am reasonably happy with it. And while I use it for cleaning up "live" recordings instead of old media, it's very flexible and precise.
Also, Adobe Audition has some nice tools built into it. I've never used it but saw it demoed at the ARSC conference at Stanford and it looked nice ( a little limited for my use though).


Steve Koto

On Apr 29, 2009, at 11:53 AM, P G C wrote:

Are there any of these tools available as part of a low price, end user, sound edit software only, package?

Regards, JorgeF. (PGC) __,,,^..^,,,__


Dolby 430, Orban spreader, Japanese reverb, Packburn 303 - sometimes a
heavily modified 103, with Dolby B decoding. Eventually, he also had CEDAR
declick, decracle and dehiss.

Ted Kendall

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