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Re: [ARSCLIST] vinegar reel to reel - is it safe to play?

Ted Kendall's advice earlier to transfer upon first play is good
advice.  Sometimes you only get one chance.

If you have a machine with adjustable tensions, I would lower the
playback and wind tensions as acetate with VS is very brittle and 
snaps easily.

You will want to slow down as you're winding near the end - just 
in case the tape is stuck to the hub or itself.  Maybe hand wind
the last few wraps.

Lower playback tensions are not a perfect solution - they create a 
new set of problems with cupped tape.  If the tensions are too
low (and if the tape is severely cupped), you will sporadically 
lose contact with the playback head resulting in brief partial
drop outs.  If your machine allows you to adjust tension while 
playing back (the Studer A820 can do this, I don't know if other
machines do as well), you can find the lowest tension that still
retains good head contact.  The beauty of the Studer A820 is that
you can do this by hitting a program switch and then spin a dial
to adjust the tension while watching the tape and tension sensors.

If the cupping is significant, I would:

1.  Make one transfer with the tape as-is, adjusting tensions as
    needed (if you can), and

2.  Rehydrate the tape (a simple DIY humidity chamber can do the
    job) to soften the tape and relax the cupping.  Then 
    retransfer.  I'm doing this right now with a badly cupped
    Ampex 414 tape.

I've not encountered cupping AND VS simultaneously.  Has anyone
on the ARSCList rehydrated a cupped VS tape?  If so, did you 
consider changing the pH of the water to minimize the VS?

Eric Jacobs

The Audio Archive, Inc.
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fax: 408.549.9867
Disc and Tape Audio Transfer Services and Preservation Consulting

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I could not find the exact answer to my question so thought I would try
here as you all are so helpful.


We have some reel to reel, probably early 60s with a strong vinegar
smell and some very visible cupping. My question is can I make a digital
copy now or do I need to do some 'stuff' before I even do that? I can
get the information regarding storage etc but could not find info about
if it is safe / wise / unwise to make a digital copy NOW.






Melodie Morgan Frances

Head of Cataloging

Graduate Theological Union




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