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Re: [ARSCLIST] vinegar reel to reel - is it safe to play?

Hello all!

We were Richard Hess' client and he transferred two of these Kodak Durol tapes for us. They were recorded in 1964 and had a lot of cupping and vinegar syndrome, but our tapes didn't have any shedding. Even though they are acetate they aren't translucent. We have an ampex atr-102 refurbished by ATR services and I had problems playing them back. The tape wouldn't stay on the head very well and the tape pack after playback was horrible, but I've heard from Mike Spitz and Richard Hess that you can adjust the tension on the ATRs as well but I don't know enough about how to do it and therefore sent it to Richard. He was able to make copies for us on a Studer A-80.

Notre Dame Archives

Frances, Melodie wrote:

I could not find the exact answer to my question so thought I would try
here as you all are so helpful.

We have some reel to reel, probably early 60s with a strong vinegar
smell and some very visible cupping. My question is can I make a digital
copy now or do I need to do some 'stuff' before I even do that? I can
get the information regarding storage etc but could not find info about
if it is safe / wise / unwise to make a digital copy NOW.



Melodie Morgan Frances

Head of Cataloging

Graduate Theological Union



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