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[ARSCLIST] Recent Correspondence - Packburn Electronics

Hi Everybody,

This is in response to the many recent letters written regarding Packburn Electronics.  The company is a cottage industry dedicated to audio noise suppression in historical sound recordings.  Our business is a tribute to Dick Burns  who was co-owner of company, great friend, ardent collector, inventor and entrepreneur.  He was the visionary who got the company started.  We continue to serve record archives and serious collectors.  


Regarding your letters it is hard to respond to all of your individual observations and needs in an aggregate letter.  As some of you pointed out, there are side-effects from the Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor if the adjustments are set improperly, particularly the enhance/suppress toggle switch or the continuous noise suppressor (CNS) controls.  On the other hand, others of you correctly observed that there is always a setting of the CNS that doesn’t cause pumping.   There are still others who said that they have remained in contact with Packburn and are aware of improvements in the Packburn Audio Noise Suppressor that have occurred over the years.  The Model 323A has actually been superseded twice, most recently in 2005.  The latest CNS stage is able to reduce more noise. Also, one of the CNS controls has been eliminated, making the CNS easier to operate.   As was also mentioned among your letters, there is a new Packburn model.   This exists as a prototype and yes, it would sell at a somewhat lower cost.  I am starting to assess if there is enough interest in the new model to justify marketing it..


If you want help with your machine or are interested in options for updating it, or are interested in preliminary information on the new model, please contact me.   -  Tom Packard  (phone 315-476-9121 or email tojopack@xxxxxxxxxxxx)


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