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Re: [ARSCLIST] Technics SP-15 to computer nightmare

One thought - are the computer speakers being driven from computer's mini-RCA outputs or are they hooked up via a computer USB port with D/As at the speakers?

Mike Gray

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From: gary atkinson <gary.document@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009 5:23 am
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Technics SP-15 to computer nightmare

> Sometime ago I acquired a Technics SP-15 deck. I took it, at the 
> time as a
> "stand by" and it has been "standing by" waiting for it's big 
> moment to
> arrive. A few days ago that moment arrived and I transferred a 
> 78rpm record
> from it. As it hit the amp it sounded wonderful, both through 
> speakers and
> headphones. As it went through the Tascam CC-222SL and onto CD it 
> soundedsplendid. Play the CD back on the Tascam, Marantz, Pioneer 
> and even the car
> CD player and everything is beautiful. Play it back through the 
> computer(desk top and lap top) and the sounds terrible; very 
> distorted and tinny.
> All the more odd is that when I play back from the computer 
> (either the CD
> or going in directly through and Edirol interface), through an 
> external amp,
> it sounds fine, yet when I turn up the computer speakers at the 
> same time
> what comes out of them directly from the computer is very distorted.
> Anything else played in the same way through the computers; vinyl 
> from a
> Thorens, tape from a Teac, any other CD from the Tascam, radio, DATs,
> Minisidiscs etc are all fine. After having tried just about every
> permutation of phone leads and sockets that I can think of I am 
> homing in on
> the SP-15 deck. The computer seem to doesn't like it directly and 
> thoughother CD players and amps are happy playing the test CDs 
> that hold
> recordings transferred from the deck, again, the computer is not 
> happy when
> it comes to tracks taken from the SP-15. (I created a CD with 
> tracks from
> various sources and all played fine in the computer other than 
> those taken
> from the SP-15).
> I am about to set off and get the deck tested and it might be 
> worth noting
> that the power lead goes to an AC Converter as this piece of 
> equipment was
> from the U.S.A but now resides in the U.K.
> Any advice on what could be the cause or how to resolve this 
> conundrum would
> be greatly appreciated.
> Gary.

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