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I've been getting quite a few of these lately as well. The post always seems to go through, but I get a rejected message response. Something must be a bit out of whack on the message server.


Quoting Thomas Stern <sternth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

 I got this message, but my post did go through.  Perhaps somewhere along
the way the message got duplicated....
  A previous time I got the rejection message, it was correct that a
previous post was similar,
but the list accepted the message anyway.  ???
  Best wishes, Thomas

-----Original Message-----
From: LISTSERV.LOC.GOV LISTSERV Server (14.5) [mailto:LISTSERV@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 3:18 PM
To: Thomas Stern
Subject: Rejected posting to ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your message is being returned to you unprocessed because it appears to have already been distributed to the ARSCLIST list. That is, a message with identical text (but possibly with different mail headers) has been posted to the list recently, either by you or by someone else. If you have reason to resend this message to the list (for instance because you have been notified of a hardware failure with loss of data), please alter the text of the message in some way and resend it to the list. Note that altering the "Subject:" line or adding blank lines at the top or bottom of the message is not sufficient; you should instead add a sentence or two at the top explaining why you are resending the message, so that the other subscribers understand why they are getting two copies of the same message.

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