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[ARSCLIST] playback curves for some 78s

Hi All:

I'm wondering about what's a good playback curve (turnover and rolloff settings) for:

1. the Columbia reissue Bix and Tram disks, albums were put out in the late 1940s. If these are just re-pressings from the original Okeh metal parts, then they need the original Okeh early-electric playback characteristics, right? But if they are disk-to-disk transfers, I'm thinking they'd be the 1940's Columbia curve, no?

2. what about Swan records? I couldn't find any reference online. These are "dixieland revival" records by Don Redman and others made I think in the mid or late 40's. I'm wondering if these use a Majestic-like curve or more a Capitol-like curve?

Thanks in advance!

-- Tom Fine

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