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[ARSCLIST] ISO 1943 episode of radio series The Better Half

The biographer of the writer Joy Davidman is looking for a WOR program. Can
anyone help? Would one of you please forward this request to the most
promising OTR list?

Thanks, Sam


Joy Davidman and her husband, Bill Gresham, were contestants on a radio quiz
show called The Better Half, on WOR, in late October or November of 1943.
LC, NYPL, the Museum of Television and Radio/Paley Center, and collectors
have been queried, to no avail.

Please contact <abby.santamaria@xxxxxxxxx> if you have any leads on whether
this program is extant and whether it can be heard anywhere.

Sam Brylawski
Editor and Project Manager
Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings
University of California, Santa Barbara
202 543-4536

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