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[ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] VS: Call for Papers JTS 2010

Dear Lars Gaustad and Asbjørn Straumfors

Since you are working at national librarys of sound; can you please explain
what kind of analoge playback systems and sound enhancements you used for
playback of old 78 rpm records before the digital area? Also what kind of
styli you use for Norwegian and European 78 rpm records!

Would be glad to hear what you say!

Jan Myren
-also from Norway

-----Opprinnelig melding-----
Fra: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List
[mailto:ARSCLIST@xxxxxxx] På vegne av Lars Gaustad
Sendt: 18. mai 2009 11:07
Til: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Emne: [ARSCLIST] VS: Call for Papers JTS 2010

For your info

and be very welcome to Oslo next May

lars gaustad
senior preservation advisor
national library of norway

Fra: Asbjørn Straumfors
Sendt: 18. mai 2009 10:41
Til: Bjarne Grevsgard; Bruce Royan; Catherine Lacken; Christian Dimitriu;
Eva Orbanz; Frank Stark; Grover Crisp; Irela N del Pozo; Janice Simpson;
Joie Springer; Jon Wengström; Kate Murray; Katrine Raade; Kevin Bradley;
Kurt Deggeler; Lars Gaustad; Martha Otte; Roger Jøsevold; Thomas C.
Christensen; Håvard Oppøyen; Inger Haagensen; Lise Gustavson; Liv Anniken
Emne: Call for Papers JTS 2010

Dear all,
as head of the FIAF 2010 Oslo committee I am in charge of the mailing list
for the JTS.
Thomas C Christensen has sent  out  a call for papers for the JTS 2010.
You will shortly find this on the http://www.jts2010.org/

With regards
Asbjørn Inge Straumfors
National Library of Norway
 + 47 75 12 12 55
 + 47 952 30 509

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