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Re: [ARSCLIST] Pest Control

----- Original Message ----- From: "Marie O'Connell" <azile50@xxxxxxxxx>
*What experience do people have with pest control with particular regard to
audio collections and silverfish?*

*At this stage we think that the population is relatively small, but are
looking into ways to prevent its further spread and cautiously considering
some sort of treatment or fumigation. Our main concern is that any chemical
treatment be safe for all media types and safe for staff.*

*Generally speaking, what treatments and information have you found useful?*

*We have discussed an insecticide called PERMIGAS, Does any one know about

*PERMIGAS Ingredient Formula Conc. CAS No.*
*CARBON DIOXIDE CO2 90% 124-38-9*
*PIPERONYL BUTOXIDE C19-H30-O5 0.5% 51-03-6*
*PYRETHRIN II 0.1% 121-29-9*
*PERMETHRIN C21-H20-Cl2-O3 0.4% 52645-53-1*

The main problem with pesticides (and other "cides") relative to shellac
records is not the "cide," but the solvent...which usually dissolves shellac
very effectively! Shellac is dissolved by virtually ALL alcohols...and is
also unable to withstand long exposure to water! AFAIK, it should NOT
be damaged by naphtha...and the pesticides are present in very small

Steven C. Barr

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