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Re: [ARSCLIST] SV: [ARSCLIST] DBX for playback of 78s

----- Original Message ----- From: "Jan Myren" <jamy@xxxxxxx>
HI again!
Thanks for many interesting replys!
By the way I got a EQ, a Technics Stereo Universal Frequency Equaliser, the
Look here:
This has 2x 5 bands; 60 / 240 /1 k / 4k / 16Khz and +/- 12 dB and one can
also adjust bandwith and frequency

Do you think it may be an idea to slider the 16Khz all the way down?
By the way I have connected it after a Packburn 323A.

What do you think of it?

First...go looking for a TEN-band/channel equalizer! These were sold in
HUGE quantities in the nineteen-seventies and eighties...as a result, they
turn up regularly (and CHEAPLY) at thrift stores and used-audio dealers!
Back in my younger days, virtually EVERYONE had a "standard" 10-
band/channel EQ, since they worked MUCH better than the old
"Tone" or the later "Bass" and "Treble"controls!

Yes, there are/were MUCH better equalizers...but they WEREN'T
cheap! For example, one can use a "parametric multi-band" EQ...IF
one has the skills and training to do so (as well as the FUNDS...?!).

Second...78rpm phonorecords of our favourite era basically have
NO useful content above 7kHz or so...and acoustic recordings
have littlle below about 100 or so Hertz! What little bass was
recorded can be retrieved by turning up the lower channels on
one's eq (note that AC hum [60Hz in North America, 50 in
Europe] MAY be a problem!).

Steven C. Barr

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