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Re: [ARSCLIST] British & Irish Sound Archives (BISA)

You'll be lucky if Nichol;as Carolan replies in Dublin as he is often too
busy but ge's been useful in the past-Paletine Germans in Ireland linked to
an old 78.
Nigel Barrett
On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 11:50 PM, Prentice, Will <Will.Prentice@xxxxx>wrote:

> **Apologies for cross-posting**
> Many, perhaps most archives, museums and libraries in the UK & Ireland
> hold audio materials within their collections, often containing unique
> material. Very often audiovisual material will come to a repository as
> part of a larger collection, requiring distinct resources in the form of
> equipment and expertise. All archives face challenges as to how they
> might actively preserve audiovisual collections for the long term, and
> how best to provide access to them. Many media are degrading on the
> shelves, while others are becoming unplayable due to obsolescence of
> equipment. All deserve to be preserved, but in a rapidly changing
> technological environment it can be hard to form a strategy, especially
> for repositories where audio materials account for a small percentage of
> holdings and specialisation lies elsewhere.
> British & Irish Sound Archives (BISA) is a new forum in which to discuss
> such issues. Membership currently covers a wide range of experience,
> from individuals and regional or specialist collections to national
> institutions, including the British Library, the BBC and RTE. If you are
> aware of audio material but are unsure what to do next, you are
> especially welcome. Our discussion list allows members to share
> knowledge on all aspects of audio archiving, and questions range from
> general to specific, from seemingly simple to complex. Our annual
> meetings feature a mix of reports from local archives, current research
> and practical workshops on working with audio media. They also offer a
> chance to meet and make contact with others responsible for audio
> heritage, ask questions on all audio-related topics and share
> experiences.
> Membership of BISA is currently free, and you are warmly invited to
> join, via www.bisa-web.org/. All those based in the Anglo-Celtic
> Archipelago (ok then, British Isles) with a professional or demonstrable
> interest in the issues above are welcome to join, take advantage of our
> online discussion list and attend annual meetings. Our next meeting will
> be held at the Wessex Film and Sound Archive, Winchester, Hampshire on
> 5th and 6th June, where in addition to a full programme of speakers
> there will be a workshop covering all aspects of caring for and working
> with audio cassettes. Full programme and registration details are on our
> website.
> Will
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