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Re: [ARSCLIST] One Inch, two track master tapes- 15 or 30 IPS

At 08:43 PM 5/26/2009, you wrote:
I just bought a one inch two track ATR and have nothing to play on it. I feel like I just bought a tuxedo and only have a pair of brown shoes--- no place to go!

If I had a machine like you just described, I'd build a portable rig for it, make sure I had two good mics and two good preamps, buy a case of mag tape, scout out the clubs for good musicians (mainly jazz), and start making my own master tapes.

Some years ago, I realized commercial mass-market late 1970s rice-krispies-sounding LPs were far less than perfect and if I wanted something good to listen to on my stereo system, I'd have to record it myself. Since then, I've rolled a fair amount of tape on all manner of things and while the talent was far from A-list, I got some interesting results. I learned a lot in the process, and came to know many wonderful folks along the way. Once in a great while, I still do it, though these days it seems I run into more cassette transfers than anything else.

IMHO, you have a heck of an opportunity.

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