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Re: [ARSCLIST] Proper Box UK

God's hooks, can no one stop them?!
I'm serious... why is Proper still in business?


Cary Ginell wrote:
I know for?a fact that Proper makes a habit of stealing sounds from other companies' releases. They did this with our Milton Brown box set on Texas Rose, and even blatantly ripped off the photos in our packaging as well, which I received exclusive permission to reproduce by the Brown family?(Proper did a poor job of scanning our artwork and you can see dithering in their reproductions). We had terrific sound on our set, which was remastered by Michael Kieffer, but Proper often tries to mask their thievery by doing some "noise reduction" of their own on top of ours (Michael had some 'fingerprints' on his depopping and noise reduction and they were clearly identified on Proper's transfers). They do pretty shoddy work. I would question whether they got any of their product first hand. Of course they deny all of this, but anyone who knows their product is aware of their practice of taking advantage of other companies' diligent work. We refer to them in polite circles as ImProper!
 . You don't want to hear what I say about them in private.

Cary Ginell (with teeth gnashing)
Origin Jazz Library

-----Original Message----- From: Tom Fine <tflists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sent: Tue, 26 May 2009 4:48 pm Subject: [ARSCLIST] Proper Box UK

Hi:? ? Does anyone have some facts on Proper Box UK, specifically on their Machito set? Did they have access to metal parts or laquers or are these garden variety 78 transfers? Who did the transfers? Lots of processing or minimalist? I couldn't find any audio samples online.? ? Thanks in advance if you know the facts.? ? -- Tom Fine?

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