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Re: [ARSCLIST] external hard drive for a start for archiving audio files

Hello, Melodie,

A single hard drive is not a good idea. Even two hard drives are somewhat risky. I generally feel comfortable when I have three hard drive copies with one off-site or two RAID-5 copies with one off-site.

If you're in the Windows environment, a great program for managing the redundant copies is Vice Versa Pro from www.tgrmn.com and I strongly urge you NOT to propagate deletes. Delete files that are no longer needed manually from each copy.

I also MUCH prefer network attached storage to locally attached storage (USB/Firewire). My workflow is to ingest to a local drive and then at the end of each session run a VVPro script to push the new files out to the two RAID-5 NAS boxes (one off-site). That script also calls the Windows SHUTDOWN command, so the audio workstation shuts off after the file transfer is complete.

Here are more details:




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