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Re: [ARSCLIST] external hard drive for a start for archiving audio files

If I do the math correctly, 2 Ts is about 3000 CDs worth. How much material do you have now to back up? And how much do you anticipate in the future?

joe salerno

Frances, Melodie wrote:

We are (as I've probably said a billion times) at the beginning of our
digitization projects and were thinking that for a cheap start to
storing our archive copies of our audio files we would store them on an
external hard drive (that being at least one place anyway where the
archive copy would go - we have a couple other options but I thought
that this might be good for the workflow initial place).

Is this an ok idea and if so any recommendations for what brand to get?
I'm assuming 2 terrabytes but should we go for even more?

Thanks again as always :)

Melodie Morgan Frances
Head of Cataloging
Graduate Theological Union

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