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Re: [ARSCLIST] external hard drive for a start for archiving audio files

That's funny I've been using LaCie's for the past 8 years with no problems, as opposed to some others out there. Maybe it's because I use a Mac., but even in a windows environment, the LaCies have been rock solid.

The LaCie drives have nice boxes, compared to some that I've seen, but I don't like the power connectors, they seem rather delicate if you are plugging and unplugging them a lot. I've had no problem with LaCie.
On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend Western Digital (specifically the MyBook series). I've had lots of problems with their "drive manager" software when using multiple firewire drives.
Recently I started buying internal SATA drives. My newest computer has 2 drive bays in front with caddys, so I can swap drives in and out easily. for my older computer, I have a USB SATA docking station that I can plug the drives into. They are much cheaper than external drives (which are really just internal drives in a case). You can store them in the box they came in, inside the anti-stat bag. I've been getting 1.5TB ones for about $120. I use Seagate.
One question I have is whether solid-state drives will prove to be a reliable long term storage solution. Right now they are too expensive for me to consider..

-Matt Sohn
(Wishing I was coming back from the NAVCC tour right about now...)

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