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Re: [ARSCLIST] 30 vs 15 IPS EQ - was One Inch, two track master tapes- 15 or 30 IPS

Hi Lou,

Glad to hear your still going at 60! Gives me something to live for...

I have to say, though, as much as I love my Deva (I bought one of the first, back in '97) and the 788, I still find myself hauling out Ampex and Studer tape machines, along with an absolutely outrageously overpriced collection of Neumann tube mikes and a Studer console, for the music gigs I care about.

Yeah, here is a little speed drift, and a little (very little) noise, but I can live with that compared to what I hear from some of the digital recordings I've done (even with high-end A/D converters). I figure that if I hauled Ampex 351's when I started my career, I can do it now (OK, maybe not as fast!). And while there are certainly better transports out there, I still love the simplicity of the 351 and MR-70 audio electronics.

(FYI-Even working in Detroit in the late 1960's, I never needed a lummox with a gun, even working downtown, but my C.O. card is looking sadly out of date... :)

--Scott D. Smith
(From the conference. Where are you?!)

Quoting Lou Judson <inaudio@xxxxxxxxx>:

Wow! An offer I can't refuse. Address offlist.

I am proud to brag about the two KKHI techs who had to carry each half of their 351-2 in to the hall, go back for the other half then go back for the mics, power supplies, and Atlas MS25 stands in four trips for our 1966 Youth Orhcesta radio recordings, as I walk in to an orchestral recording with a 744T in a shoulder bag and the mics and 15' mic stand in the other hand…

I think it is wonderful to use old nostalgic recording gear, but personally don't find the sound superior, especially with the speed drift from top to tail of the reel (with anything older than ATRs). I'm nearly 60, yet embrace the best modern technology wholeheartedly! Have those old Ampexes been retrofitted with consatant tension? I like my Studer a lot…

Mind you, I produced over 150 audiobooks on ATR 102s, edited them on
440Cs, and have made as many as 3,000 edits with razor blade and #67
tape in a 3 hour voice program, and I don't miss that tech a bit.

Who's the high end dealer? Has he identified hmself as such? i thought
he was just an audioph(insert vowels)l. He LIKES those people with more
money than sense! I like good sound at a reasonable price, as an
independent audio engineer with more talent than budget.

I'll never hire a lummox, or a person with a gun, and when I can't carry the gear I'll retire to my computer! (registered Concientious Objector, 1972, and a California boy from the start…).

But we are all audio people, and I don't mean any of this as a putdown.
As I see it we are playing around while everyone else is at the
conference! ;-)

Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio

On May 27, 2009, at 6:27 PM, Ken Fritz wrote:

Hi Lou,

It's great that a high end dealer contributes to the list. We need feedback from those that are retired, in the recording business, and rely on those that appreciate good music and are willing to pay what it takes to hear good music from great gear.

My 67 years old bones have made a few recordings in Richmond, Va. Sue and I hauled my Ampex 351-2, Peluso 2247 SE mikes and Atlas 11Ft stands to a few venues and are pleased with the recordings we made, all orchestral at the University Of Richmond.

I've had an Ampex 440 C machine fitted with new Flux MS heads that I'll be using instead of the 351. I've been told numerous times I need to chuck the analog tape machines and go digital. I've hired a few lummoxes to cart the machines in and around Richmond and they're all licensed to carry guns-- needed in downtown Richmond.

Lou, please send me a shipping address and I'll send you a few CD'S of the recordings I've made. If you have an RTR machine I'll spring for a few reels of tape.


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