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[ARSCLIST] Playing European 78 rpm records and Hit Of The Week records


First of all; I first got this mail in return form ARSD with the message
that it may have been sent before from me or someone else with the same
Please let me know if you have already received this so I don't send ARSD
the same messages again and again..... 

Here's my 2 questions: 

I have a Stanton 500 cartridge that I bought some years ago from a US
company that sold goods for playback of old 78's, Audio 78 Archival Supplies
with some custom made Stanton styli; 

2,0TE, 2.5TE and 3.3TE.

Can anybody give me a few hints about various types of styli for use on
European (and Norwegian) 78's ?
Since they may be produced for US records with often wider or so grooves, do
any of you have any good suggestions for sizes for playback of European

Also; I would be glad if you also can give me a hint of a suitable
styli-size for Durium "Hit-Of-The Week-Records

Best regards



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