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Re: [ARSCLIST] Robert Johnson RPM debate

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Third attempt to post this message:

Vocalion probably used a spring driven cutter, and they were less reliable than the weight driven ones (according to Ralph Peer). If we knew Johnson tuned his guitar perfectly (re: 'A' 440), correct pitching would be a piece of cake. He probably didn't, but still it was probably not too far off, especially if he played with other musicians playing un-tunable instruments (e.g., harmonicas).

RJ NEVER recorded with a harp player; whether he ever worked
with one I can't say! However, as a "harp player," I can tell you
that I was driven around the bend by trying to sit in with guitarists
who were tuned to their own "internal" standards...which usually
had NO relation to things like "A 440!"

The current proliferation of small "tuner pedals" have to a great extent corrected this; however, I still run across many acoustic
guitarists whose tuning is based on their personal whims!!

Steven C. Barr

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