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RE: [AV Media Matters] is there a digest mode for ?

>Is there a "digest" option for this group

Yes, there is a digest mode.  It can be set at the web site -
www.topica.com and is part of your user description.  In addition it has
some very nice features such as setting the list when (if??) you go away
for a vacation.  There probably is a way to set it by email as well -
but I have not been able to find that information in the documentation
on topica.  I will keep the group informed.  In any event - I can also
set the digest mode as the administrator - BUT PLEASE try it first at
the web site (www.topica.com) in your user description for this list -
and if that does not work you can email me and I will do it manually.

There appears to be a problem with duplicate emails - topica is aware of
it.  BUT when you post - please do it only once.  I get the approval
message and then release the message. There will be a delay depending on
when I am on line to see it - so do NOT send it more then once please.
I am running the list in this fashion to save the list the angst of
"unsubscribe" , spam, OT and more time wasting messages - the trade off
is the delay in my getting to post the emails.  All things considered I
think that the trade off is well worth it - if the list gets too busy, I
may be forced into using unmoderated mode - BUT I have very tight
control over membership of the list and who can post.


PS - Now at 300 subscribers!!!

Jim Lindner
The Full Service Magnetic Media Restoration Company
See our Web Site at www.vidipax.com
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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