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[AV Media Matters] Tip in lieu of digest mode.

I find digest modes of lists a nuisance, so I set up a folder for each list
I am on and direct the incoming mail to its appropriate folder. In IE5
Outlook Express, this is done through Tools-Message Rules-Mail, and direct
any mail addressed to AV-Media-Matters to its folder. This facility is
available in most browsers, and is very useful. All mail for each list
appears in its appropriate folder, it is separated from, say business e-mail
or family, or whatever.
I still get the digest mode, but only for archiving. I just delete the
single mail messages as I read them, except for something of major interest,
knowing I can go back to the digest if I want to check something. The
digests get filed in their own folder.
This list is developing into a very useful tool. Thanks Jim.
Ron Halstead
Recording Engineer & Producer
Melbourne Australia
61 3 9813 1303

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