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Re[2]: [AV Media Matters] First Question

     Have never heard of an M20 tape or format.  The fact that he states
     that everyone in New York is shooting on M20 may indicate as was
     stated below Betacam SP and he is referring to a metal 20 minute
     cassette (M20).  We will only find out for sure when someone sees one
     of the tapes.

     By the way Panasonic had an "M" format and an "MII" format neither one
     really caught on although MII was more popular. Ampex marketed the "M"
     format as an OEM for a while but opted for the Betacam SP format when
     it came out.

                M format - Analog Component, an upgrade of the consumer VHS
                           format utilizing a 650oe range Cobalt Modified
                           Oxide. Introduced in 1982, 8.0ips linear speed.

                MII format - Analog Component, increased the playtime and
                             bandwidth of the M format utilizing a 1500oe
                             Metal Particle .5mil thick tape. Introduced in
                             1986, 2.67ips linear speed.

     Neither one of these formats used an SVHS type tape.  SVHS utilizes a
     Cobalt Modified Oxide tape in the 850-980oe range for maximum
     performance.  The SVHS type tape product was the one that the ADAT
     systems were designed around as was stated in one of the other
     responses.  VHS tape was very similar if not the same as M format

     It will be interesting to here the final word on the M20 cassettes.

     Jim Maiers
     Sony RMEG

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Subject: Re: [AV Media Matters] First Question
Author:  AV-Media-Matters@topica.com at SONYCOM
Date:    4/1/99 9:00 AM

Never heard of M20.  Panasonic MII perhaps?  Or a 20-minute
(small-size) Betacam SP tape (which has the designation M)?


markp@waveworks.net wrote:

>I had a client call today and say he's coming down from Conn. with a
>couple of M20 tapes. ???  It sounds like it's some sort of metal 20
>minute tape. He could not specify a format for me. He said everybody
>in New York is shooting on M20. Video that is. Anybody ever heard of
>M20 ?  Tape?  or Format?
>Mark P.
>Waveworks Digital Media.                        http://www.waveworks.net
>Arlington, VA

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