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Re: [AV Media Matters] timecode offset black box

reposting due to amibiguity:

I'm looking for a simple black box (not a calulator) which can jam
or slave to an incoming smpte timecode (25Hz - I'm in Europe) and
generate a new timecode locked to the incoming timecode with an
offset. The reason is we have a multitrack PC based sound machine
which slaves to timecode, but it cannot cope with the 23:59:59:24 to
00:00:00:00 transition. We don't have control over the incmoing
tapes, so the solution is TC offset. I have an Avitel 1040 which
does the job well, but it is far too sophisticated to keep in the
sound area just for offsets.

PS s this the right sort of subject for this list, or is it intended
more for tape/format/archive matters?

YES - I was thinking about that too - I decided it was close enough - I
don't want to be too ruthless about Off Topic - but TC can get really
complex and there are some real experts on the list so I let it go....

>tony gardner
>european commission

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