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Re: [AV Media Matters] The late - not so great - M format

It was RCA that had the basic patents for M format.   Kodak purchased 2 RCA
M format recorders for component video research.  These units never lived up
to their specs and were eventually abandoned after RCA could not make them
function to specs.
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Subject: RE: [AV Media Matters] The late - not so great - M format

>Necro Media fans? Did you coin that phrase?
>Skip Elsheimer
>A/V Geek
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>I am not sure - there is a List Serve known as the Dead Media list and I
>may have heard it there - but then again maybe not - in any event - feel
>free to use it!
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>Subject: [AV Media Matters] The late - not so great -
>M format
>For the Necro Media fans - a few more tidbits about M
>format.  Another
>company was very heavily involved in the M format, and in
>fact held some
>of the patents on the basic technology which Panasonic
>licensed.  Can
>you guess the company?

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