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[AV Media Matters] DV Incompatibility Problems

A very good question was posted to this list by Adam Wilt on March 31
regarding DV incompatibility problems with Sony and Panasonic stock.  I
have seen this issue brought up and discussed at some length on other
lists, although I have not personally experienced it.  The basic problem
seems to be contamination of the tape path when the user switches
between Panasonic and Sony stock types.  The general thought seems to be
that there are some lubricant incompatibilities which cause a chemical
reaction - but that is total speculation.  I am certain that this issue
has been brought up to the tape manufacturers (some of whom are on this
list).  Does anyone really have some solid information about this
problem and what users can do to avoid it?  Is this just the case of a
bad batch or two or is it more serious?  Is it really a lubricant

Jim Lindner
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