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[AV Media Matters] 400 Members, Digests, and more

By the time you read this there will be 400 members on this new list -
and in addition to the quantity there is a wide range of expertise
available - definately HIGH quality - Welcome all to AV Media Matters!

Many of you have requested that you receive this list in Digest mode.
As mentioned in a previous email, you can change this parameter at
I suggest that you do the user tutorial on the home page which is only a
couple of screens and is really quite good.  If all else fails - I can
convert your subscription on my end. You may have noticed that this list
is not getting quite as much "traffic" as you might have expected - and
the messages that you have received are of high quality.  That is
because your friendly moderator is working hard to filter out all of the
off topic and other posts - so the postings you get on this list will be
pretty clean and relatively infrequent - but worth it when they show up
(well THIS email may be an exception to that). So you may want to
consider whether you REALLY want a digest for this list in the first
place considering that the traffic is low. Currently this list is set to
digest once a day.  I have only one other option which is to set it to
digest every 10 emails.  If I change it, I have to change it for
everyone  - if there is a huge interest in one digest every 10 emails I
can change it - understanding that you might then only get a digest once
every couple of days.

It appears that Topica is still in shake down mode in several areas -
which is to be expected.  I have heard problems with AV Media Matters
list not "existing" in the directory of lists for a period, also
duplicate emails and a host of other little annoying problems.  I do
forward most of the problems to customer support - but please understand
that I really can't do much about it from my end.

Something that YOU can do is manage your email for error messages coming
from YOUR  email system.  Topica is set up so that if email is rejected
from your address over a period of time you will be automatically
removed from the list.  So if you have a full mail box or similar
problems and they are not corrected quickly you WILL be removed from the
list - automatically.  If that happens I can re-subscribe you, but the
real solution is not to let it happen in the first place. There are
currently 6 people who are in error mode at the moment and are in real
danger of being removed. So, if the email seems to have stopped, go to
the web interface at www.topica.com and check your status - you may find
that it has been changed due to errors from your site.

Enough admin. for now - back to lurking (and filtering).


Jim Lindner
The Full Service Magnetic Media Restoration Company
See our Web Site at www.vidipax.com
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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