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RE: [AV Media Matters] [Fwd: [Fwd: Eliminating machine noise on

Depending on the type of noise (and especially if it's just transport hum),
something as simple as Sound Forge software with the noise reduction plug-in
may help a lot.

Marcos Sueiro
Sound Specialist
312 344 7518
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>I am an oral historian with a vexing audio problem.  Working with the
>brand new Marantz PMD 222, I recorded three very important interviews
>that are nearly inaudible.  It was my fault: I used a good external mike
>but inadvertantly set the microphone control to internal mike, so I
>picked up all the machine noise.  I've been working with a local audio
>engineer but he can't seem to filter the machine noise out as he says
>it's so nearly the same frequency as the speakers' voices.  Does anyone
>have any suggestions as to techniques or equipment?   Your help will
>really be appreciated.
>Rosalie G. Riegle
>Professor of English
>Saginaw Valley State University
>University Center, MI 48710

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