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[AV Media Matters] R2R evaluation/calibration

Hello AVMMers:

Sorry for the newbieness:

My boss has asked me to have a pro come look at our older Revox 1/4" R2R
machines in order to evaluate whether we should put them back into service or
not. Clearly they will need to be recalibrated at the very least! (No, they
haven't been used in years and we're not sure we want to use them before we
have an expert check them out.)

I have a few questions: (1) is Revox still in business (no luck on the web);
(2) how scarce/expensive are parts for 20-year-old R2R decks in general; (3)
if it's worth having someone come in to look at the machines, can people
suggest someone in NYC; and (4) if it's not worth sticking with the old
machines (for making archive dupes!), who is making decent 1/4" decks these

Thank you!


Moderators Comment:
While on this subject, the list should know that the issue of obsolescence
of the 1/4" reel to reel format is an issue since there are few vendors at
this point in time with similarly few unit sales.  I know that a meeting
took place in Europe to discuss this very thing.  I have heard some
feedback from the meeting third hand - but would someone who actually was
at the meeting let us know what the manufacturers had to say.  THANKS!

Jim Lindner

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