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[AV Media Matters] List Archive Available

Some of the newer members of this list may not be aware that there have
been some GREAT  posts that you may have not gotten.  These are stored
in the AV Media Matters ArchiveS - plural - because the AV Meia Matters
list is now archived in two different locations.

Our host - www.topica.com has an archive on its site - you get to it
though the web interface.  This is the same interface that you use to
change your current subscription settings - i.e digest mode - vacation
hold - OFF due to errors - you get the idea.  Again - this is at


if you have not yet logged in here, I recommend it - use the new user
tutorial - just a few screens and not too painful.


This list is now archived by Stanford University at their Conservation
On Line site - run by Walter Henry.  The list archive is located at


but in addition, I urge list members to browse around on CoOL - it is a
FANTASTIC resource on many different levels - and Walter is - well -
GREAT - and we thank him again for his tremendous contributions to the
field over the years.

Jim Lindner
The Full Service Magnetic Media Restoration Company
See our Web Site at www.vidipax.com
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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