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Re: [AV Media Matters] R2R evaluation/calibration

>>> Morgan Lang <mhl21@columbia.edu> 04/14 1:54 PM >>>
Hello AVMMers:

Sorry for the newbieness:
I have a few questions: (1) is Revox still in business (no luck on the

Revox is now Studer-Revox.

(2) how scarce/expensive are parts for 20-year-old R2R decks in

parts are both scarce and expensive. A recent repair of a Revox
machine needed only a single chip, but the part was over $100.

(4) if it's not worth sticking with the old
machines (for making archive dupes!), who is making decent 1/4" decks
Don't bother buying one. Rent a 1/2" machine from a good audio house
and make your archivals.  Or buy a reconditioned used one. There are
no reliable mfgrs of 1/4" machines today.

(My husband's company is in the audio business, both selling and
repairing audio equipment of all types, but not in your area.)

Dr. Carol Simpson
Asst. Professor
Denton, Texas

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