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Re: [AV Media Matters] R2R evaluation/calibration

Here's another newby to the list.. and I am not a techie. But..
what is your opinion of the decks that Otari makes ? and Sony? We
got an Otari for our archives for transferring the old reels and
it has been working well. Handles tape well too .

Shubha Chaudhuri

>Hello AVMMers:
>Sorry for the newbieness:
>My boss has asked me to have a pro come look at our older Revox 1/4" R2R
>machines in order to evaluate whether we should put them back into service or
>not. Clearly they will need to be recalibrated at the very least! (No, they
>haven't been used in years and we're not sure we want to use them before we
>have an expert check them out.)
>I have a few questions: (1) is Revox still in business (no luck on the web);
>(2) how scarce/expensive are parts for 20-year-old R2R decks in general; (3)
>if it's worth having someone come in to look at the machines, can people
>suggest someone in NYC; and (4) if it's not worth sticking with the old
>machines (for making archive dupes!), who is making decent 1/4" decks these
>Thank you!
>Moderators Comment:
>While on this subject, the list should know that the issue of obsolescence
>of the 1/4" reel to reel format is an issue since there are few vendors at
>this point in time with similarly few unit sales.  I know that a meeting
>took place in Europe to discuss this very thing.  I have heard some
>feedback from the meeting third hand - but would someone who actually was
>at the meeting let us know what the manufacturers had to say.  THANKS!
>Jim Lindner

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