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Re: [AV Media Matters] implementing vault, save old equip.

To add to the moving tape to a new vault..thought you may like a
report from HOt and Humid India. We moved about 10,000 tapes to a
new facility last year. First ..we ran the airconditioning with
dehumidification in the new vault and monitored it for three
months. During this time the compact shelving was also installed.

We had the packing material delivered, cartons, and thermocol
lining for them and kept them cool and dry for about a month in
space that had the same climate as the old vault. We then moved
them into the vault and packed the tape in the vault. They were
then moved at one go in a refrigerated van to the new vault which
was about an hour's drive. We were blessed with a coolish day ,
but i was greatly surprised that we did not have any condensation
and no "sweating" of the cartons at all.

Shubha Chaudhuri
Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology
New Delhi

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