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Re: [AV Media Matters] Sony 3/4 KCA tape

the little bit of mylar (?).  We found it inside the tape case no longer
at all.

SiriPro@aol.com wrote:

>Having produced commercials for a TV station and dealing with 3/4" playback
>(however many years ago it may have been), I renewed many brands and lengths
>of 3/4" tape.  Thirty an 60 second commercials use a very small part of even
>a short 10 minute tape, but repeated playback would really wear out that
>first bit of tape.  After extensive use we would simply FF>> the tape 2 min.
>from the leader then hand pull the tape out the front opening, pulling all 2
>minutes back to the leader, and cut it off and use a splicing tab (from
>Comprehensive) to give us a brand new "8 minute" tape.  Occasionally a
>would break but is simply re-slotted back into its hub (by opening the
>housing).  Using cotton "film handling" gloves is recommended.
>You mention adhesive.  To my recollection, the leaders are held on the hubs
>by a slotted key that pinches the tape inside the hub.  Correct me if I'm
>Moderators comment:
>With 3/4" Umatic tapes the clear (and VERY tough) leader is indeed inserted
>into a slotted key in the hub on one end.  This attachment has proven to be
>pretty sturdy compared with the attachment of the magnetic tape to the
>leader which is on the other end..... This attachment was usually made with
>a piece of adhesive tape that is usually silver in color and appears to be
>a mylar of some sort although I have never checked out the composition -
>the problem is with the adhesive on this "splicing tape".   Often the
>adhesive appears to have dried out and with winding of any sort will often
>fail.  Even more of a problem - if it fails while inside a machine, the
>adhesive tape itself can fall inside the transport and make a mess of
>things.  In addition, the adhesive residue is left on the magnetic tape as
>well as the leader.  I cannot say that any particular vendors product is
>more prone to failure of this type then others, but it is a very common
>problem that we see all the time with older 3/4" media.  By the way, one
>issue of low humidity is the effect that it has on labels and label
>adhesive.  While there certainly appears to consensus as to the benefits of
>a low humidity environment to the tape itself - labels are quite another
>matter.  Cool and dry environments can cause many label adhesives to
>failure - and the environment MAY accelerate the failure of other adhesives
>such as the leader tape mentioned above.  I am not necessary recommending a
>higher humidity - just pointing out the issue. My experience is that in an
>archive - tapes without labels are a BIG problem.

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