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[AV Media Matters] 1/2" vs. 1/4" and MIDI/"radio"

Hello, all:

Welcome to Newbiefest '99!

ACT 1:

Thanks for the great replies to the Revox q's (the "R2R evaluation/calibration
thread)--you've all helped a lot. However, I just want to make sure that I
correctly understand the following points before I tell my boss to buy a
1/2" machine:

1. 20 year old machines are not suitable for making archive dupes even if they
are professionally repaired & calibrated.

2. R2R parts are scarce and expensive, 1/4" more so than 1/2".

3. 1/2" is better than 1/4" for archive dupes because it is likely to be
supported by manufacturers for a longer time.

4. The initial cost of buying a 1/2" machine is compensated for by the
cheapness and availability of parts (relative to 1/4").

These are the points on which I anticipate making a case for the purchase of a
  1/2" machine. If anyone thinks these assumptions are poorly-informed or just
plain wrong I would really appreciate hearing about it. Replies off the list
are fine.

ACT 2:

There are MIDI connections on our Revox A77's! OK, I know they aren't MIDI
connections at all. They're labeled "RADIO" and there is nothing digital about
the A77. Clearly MIDI connections were adapted from this previous standard.
Maybe this is a case for the Dead Media Project, but I'd really like to know
about the prehistory of what I heretofore knew as the MIDI connection. What's
this "RADIO" stuff? When was this connection developed and for what purpose?
Any tips on detailed books or articles on the history of broadcast media?

Thanks again!

Morgan Hamilton Lang

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