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[AV Media Matters] metal masters: UPF?

	Regards Scott Campbell's interest in metal masters:

	There was quite a bit of discussion at ALA last summer about Norsam
Technologies "HD-Rosetta Archival Storage System."  The HD-Rosetta is a
non-magnetic, corrosion-proof "pancake disk" that stores highly
miniaturized analog images, about 95,000, per disk.   A charged particle
beam process etches data onto the disks.

	Norsam suggests 1,000+ year LE and points out that it's a human eye
readable format.  They suggest that its suitable for any type of media
transfer, and that in turn, the analog images could be converted to digital
format on demand.  For more information:  http://www.norsam.com/

	I don't know if this technology has taken hold in any archival settings.
Any word on this?

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