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RE: [AV Media Matters] Esoteric Edge Reply from Ed H. Zwaneveld

Moderators Comment: For some reason Topica is having some problems today
and I am unable to normally approve the posting from Ed Zwaneveld
directly and have it appear as coming from him - so I am posting it in
this fashion so that at least it does appear on the list - apologies.


Your comment reflects my own conclusion also. At the IBC'98-in
Amsterdam see Conference Publication, pages 32-38, I
proposed:"...that regional or national digital warehouses and
audio-visual service centres be established, from which copies can
be ordered in any desired quality for online or offline delivery and
as authorized by the copyright holders. These service centres, would
house a wide variety of well-maintained and competently operated
playback equipment to serve the video restoration, retrieval and
transfer needs for all magnetic tape formats offered."

Best regards,

Ed H. Zwaneveld
Technical Research and Development
National Film Board of Canada

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