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[AV Media Matters] Help with suspending email

Can someone please send me the correct commands to suspend participation in
this listserve.  Thanks.

Claudia Egelhoff
American Cancer Society-Southeast Division
11 South Boylan Ave
Raleigh, NC  27603

Moderators Comment:
GLAD YOU ASKED! There have been a number of requests like this lately.  All
changes for digests, vacation suspense,  and removal can be made by the
user (that is YOU) at the website of our host - Topica.  Simply go to the
Web site at
and take the fast and painless (well relatively painless...)  tutorial
about user services, log in, and change your preferences as you wish.
Topica does NOT have the usual email style commands - all of the changes
are done at the web site.  Requests that are made of the moderator are also
done by ME at the web site in  the same way that you would do it - SO
www.topica.com is the place to go!  While there you might want to look at
some other lists that they support - it is really a neat service.


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