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[AV Media Matters] Workshops on basic repair techniques

Many libraries have AV materials in their collections, materials which are
sometimes heavily used. I have been asked about the possibility of a
workshop teaching basic repair and maintenance, presumably on items such as
commercial video and audio tapes, CDs, and CD-ROMs. I am a paper-based life
form and don't know much about other formats, especially magnetic ones.

The goal is to extend the life of the materials through inexpensive
preventive care, instead of constantly replacing stuff. This is NOT intended
to address treatment of masters.

These seem to be straightforward topics to cover:

-stable storage environment
-stable containers
-rewinding to maintain tension
-keeping equipment clean and maintained

The most useful sources I have found on the net are on
I'm looking for simple techniques that can be performed by library
staff, using inexpensive materials. Can anyone suggest other
resources, or simple tricks that work? (For example, we once got a
badly scratched CD-ROM to read using a motorcycle helmet
polish--worked well for the two months until the CD-ROM was
superceded and the drive replaced.) Are there "simple tricks" that
do a lot of damage and need to be avoided? Is there anything people
can do to eke a little more life out of this stuff?

Thanks for lending your expertise. You can reply directly if you want.

Normandy Helmer
Head, Preservation & Binding Dept./
Oregon Newspaper Project
University of Oregon Library

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