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Re: [AV Media Matters] Workshops on basic repair techniques

I've talked to a few library staff about the problems they encounter with
av materials, some common  issues:-

Remove safety tabs from cassettes and video cassettes to prevent accidental
Inspect pressure pads on audio cassettes as the pad often loses adhesion to
the supporting spring - how to replace.
Fixing tape ends to hubs in cassettes.
How to repair moulded plastic cassette housings (cut the old one off and
use the shell from a blank cassette to replace)
Always clean disc pressings before use - any dust is ground into the
surface when played.
Avoid proprietary cleaning solutions, stick to simple substances
(methylated spirit and iso-propyl alcohol for head cleaning, ceterimide
solution for removing mould etc.)
Don't use metal tools when working on magnetic materials.

Hope this is some help. /MD

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