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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD writing drive with disc labler.

Comments by others indicate that the T@2 image is not very visible on
many discs. It is clearly visible on Verbatim azo and on some cyanine
(such as Taiyo Yuden) dye layers.

The critical issue is the recorded quality in the data region. Carefully
check the drive before using it for archival purposes.

If users are willing to sacrifice some capacity, why is 80 minute so
popular, even though quality is sacrificed? 63 minute discs were great,
but no one wants them anymore.

Evidence indicates that writing with water-based inks on the clear inner
ring is safe. Such pens are available from TDK, Staedtler, and Dixon.

Media Sciences, Inc.

smolians@erols.com wrote:
> I'm looking at a Best Buy ad for a Yamaha 44x24x44 internal CD-RW
> drive with T@2 disc labeling technology. Price, $ 79.99 with mail-in
> rebate.
> This seems to write on the unused portion of the underside of the disc
> after the audio data has been recorded.
> Given the concern in some quarters (including these) about writing on
> the disc's surface, could this be a solution to minimal, otherwise
> non-intrusive specific identification when burning CDs?
> It seems to be an older product of Yamaha's,.  Is it being closed
> out?  Are they continuing to use this technology in later products as
> well?
> Has anyone any experience with this product?
> Steve Smolian

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