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RE: [AV Media Matters] High Speed CD-R

Although not an extensive study by any means, I do have some data to
illustrate what Dr. Hartke was discussing.  Ten different CD-R types
burned on two different recorders and then analyzed using a QA-301 CD
analyzer from Clover Systems.  On one burner the discs were recorded at
speeds of 2x, 4x, and 12x, whereas on the other burner the discs were
recorded at 1x, 4x, and 10x.  The min and max speeds are the limits that
the recorders would work at.

Looking at BLER rates and E22 and E32 errors and without getting into
much detail the 4x recording speeds produced significantly better
disc in almost all cases.  The 1x  and 2x recorded discs produced the
poorest discs in essentially all cases and the 10x and 12x recorded
fell in between the 4x and lower speed results.  The discs used were
for max speeds of 24x and so I have no data about 48x speed discs.
However, I suspect that the faster the rating for recording speeds for
discs the less likely that slower recording speeds will work well.  If
is correct then maybe 4x is not the best speed to use for 48x and

Joe Iraci
Conservation Scientist
Canadian Conservation Institute

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