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Re: [AV Media Matters] High Speed CD-R

I can only guess at the meaning of "consistent degradation." Bad media
is bad at all speeds, while good media is good up to its rated speed.
Bad results at high speed are usually traceable to the writer. Use of
media at higher than its rated speeds can cause severe problems.
However, this should be prevented by encoding maximum speed in the disc
and reading of this information by the writer. All media and drive
manufacturers do not do this, unfortunately.

Multi-speed CD-R standards specify acceptable performance at the highest
designated speed, and also at 4X. It then waffles, and says that 2X and
4X performance can optionally be claimed, and then tested for.

We have seen 48X media that has poor performance at all speeds, even
24X, mostly for reasons outlined in the article. Of course, we have also
seen poor quality low speed media. If you are recording at 16X or below,
you may wish to use 74 minute media rated for lower speeds, possibly
with normal thickness dye layers. I have been informed that Mitsui is
offering such media, and has guaranteed long-term availability. Other
suppliers may do this as well, but who wants 74 min. today now that we
have 99 minute discs <snicker>.

Media Sciences, Inc.

Charles Repka wrote:
> The article has very practical engineering advice concerning the
pitfalls and dangers of what may happen when burning cd's at higher
speeds.  But do you have any data that shows a consistent degradation in
> the recorded disc when recorded at high speed compared to the same
> a media recorded at lower speeds?
> Another question.  It has been proposed to me by my supplier of blank
media that the new formulations of discs designed to used at up to 48X
may not be suitable for use at slower speeds such as 2X or 4X, the
speeds I currently use to make my CD-R master discs.  Have you seen any
> evidence of this?
> Charles Repka
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