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[AV Media Matters] SVHS Correction & Preservation

Hello All,

I have a historically valuable 1,000 hour videotape archive on SVHS. I'd

like to duplicate the entire archive to a different format for 
preservation and work tapes.

What format should I be going to for least quality loss, without 
spending more than I need to? For reasons of economics, I'd prefer to 
use the same format for both my editing and preservation copies. If, 
however, there's a compelling reason to do otherwise, I could be 

In addition, would it be best to process and color correct the videos as

I duplicate them, or should that be left for the editing process? I'm 
afraid that if I leave it for editing, I'll lose vital information in 
the dubbing stage, and I will not have as much flexibility in correction

as I'll have if I correct when I copy from the original masters.

So, two questions:
1. What format?
2. Color/sound correction during dubbing, or no?

Eli Shmotkin
Jewish Educational Media
784 Eastern Parkway
Suite 403
Brooklyn, NY 11213
718-774-6000 x241
fax: 718-774-3402

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