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Re: [AV Media Matters] SVHS Correction & Preservation

Just a bit of clarification. I believe that MPEG-2 variable bit rate
compression is used for DVD-Video. Resulting compromises apply only to
archiving video material on DVD, but not to saving other information on

Regarding interchange, it is achievable for both CD and DVD discs
provided that reasonable and proper precautions are taken, including
media and writer quality certification, proper handling, and correct
storage conditions. I would assume that the same is true of film, tape,
and all other archival media.

Optical media has the advantage of powerful error correction that can
flawlessly recover moderately degraded information. One task of the
archivist is to periodically evaluate the archive, to detect significant
degradation, and to transfer the archived information while it is still
retrievable. This is necessary irregardless of the nature of the media.

If your evidence indicates that your CD-R discs do not interchange, why
not take advantage of our offer to test one recorded disc at no charge:

J. Hartke
Media Sciences, Inc.

Jim Wheeler wrote:
> Wayne
> DVDs/DVD-Rs are great for access and distribution but not for
> most
> legacy archival material.
> One archival issue with DVDs/DVD-Rs is that heavy compression is used
> and
> compression has two potential problems.  One is the loss of the
> information like fluffy clouds, fine hair, grass, etc and archival
> material
> should never be degraded.  The other potential problem with
> is
> whether or not compression artifacts will show up in the future when
> is copied to a newer format.
> The second archival issue is how stable the medium is.  At this time,
> trust
> only Mitsui Gold.
> The third archival issue is interchange.  Will your DVD-Rs play on all
> makes
> of DVD players?  Our evidence with CD-Rs is that the answer is no and
> the
> density of DVDs is much greater than CDs.
> Jim Wheeler

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