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Forwarded message:
From:   HALBERT@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Halbert, Erik)
To:     KarenC5071@xxxxxxx (KarenC5071)
Date: 95-11-14 19:09:43 EST

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your letter.  I have posted it to the group since I feel that
there are several points which may interest them.

>Nonetheless, I would be interested in getting on the list, at least for a
>month or so, to see if I can contribute anything to the discussions or
>anything from them. If it turns out to be too far-fetched for me I can
>leave the list.

I have attached the standard joining instructions at the end of this
message.  The listserv has only recently been set up and the various members
are still changing over. The instructions are sparse but they work and the
system is run by a group member . You are most welcome to the group and the
dynamic, pulsating, invigorating discussions therein.

>Does the list offer a "digest" so that ONE message can be
>sent to me, grouping all the days e-mail into one transmission? If so, I
>would prefer it that way!

It's early days and you are the first to flag this request.  I have asked
other members to contribute to the question.

>I have forwarded your note on to several people who might be interested in
>your list; if they are interested, they will contact you direct.

Thank you.



Here's how you  become a member of the calligraphy listserv:

1    Send your email to:   listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2    Leave  Subject area blank.

3    Type the following message:  subscribe callig Firstname Lastname
Of course, put your own first and last name.

4    Send it and wait for your confirmation.

>From then on, you send your calligraphy messages to the address given you.
If you want to send a private message, keep separate records of individual
email addresses.  These will usually be on the bottom of the message sent
out.  Directions on getting help files are available when you have joined.

5    If you have any problems please contact  Mark McIntyre at the following
address:        nuartist@xxxxxxx

Hope that this is enough to get you onto the group for a trial.

best wishes

Erik Halbert (Australian Society of Calligraphers)
Sydney, Australia

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