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Re: Not-for-profits & private enterprise

In message <30daad714908002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> "The Book Arts: binding,
typography, collecting" writes:
> Morning, and Happy Holidays to one and all.

> More important to this discussion, we just sent off a nice fat check to
> procure web space from a commercial server for our web site and related
> facilities.
In this regard I am in the process of setting  up a web site for book arts,
small presses etc. I want it to function as a co-op, each small business is
able to afford a small monthly (about $20) to support site fees, production,
back-up, etc. etc. In return they get full T1 access to the WWW without a
huge individual expense. Any comments would be appreciated or if anyone
is interested they can e-mail me direct. j-nich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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