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Re: Holiday Bye Bye

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I'm mere minutes away from sending the Listserver a set No-mail
command and shutting down my computer for the new year.
I just wanted to thank everyone for adding a new family to my life
a wonderfull family of pretty like minded individuals. Although sometimes
we get on each other's nerves at Least we are willingly to share are joys
sorrows with each other...That's truly what friends are for.
You know, lately the internet is getting a bat rep, especially by congress
and the media (as a former Radio & Tv- person I'm alowed to trash the media
the rest of you can't...Except for Johnny M, that is...;-)  ). I think problem
is not that it's a breeding ground for Perverts & Pedophiles, like they say,
but the internet is a place where the free expression of ideas is given free
reign, regardless of borders and geography, etc. This freedom is scary for
our Political leaders, THEY want us to let them think for us. So they try
to keep us seperated and weak minded. But here we have a place where we
we can find out in minutes what is happening on the other side of the planet,
and in the process, form a community of our own......

So anyway thanks for being you!!!Happy Holidays etc. etc.
See Ya all in '96
Michael F. Copado
(The woman I was seeing decided she needed her space last night, so I'm
wearing my Misletoe hat tonight...Any Takers????
P>S> I May stop in this week to check my email, so if someone needs to
get a hold of me directly then feel free. LOVE

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