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Book Study at Iowa

The University of Iowa Center for the Book will offer a graduate certificate in
Book Studies/Book Arts and Technologies beginning in the Fall of 1996.

The University of Iowa Center for the Book is an interdisciplinary program for
the study and practice of the traditional and non-traditional arts of the book,
and the study of the book as a cultural artifact. We believe that the
combination of specialists and facilities here at The University of Iowa
constitutes an exceptional environment for learning and for the exchange of
knowledge about the book as an aesthetic, historical, and cultural construct.

As an interdepartmental program, the Center consists of a group of specialists
who teach classes, train apprentices, conduct research, and practice the
associated crafts of the book. Faculty in history, classics, communication
studies, English, and other academic areas are also available who teach courses
and work with the academic curriculum relating to the historical and cultural
areas of book studies.

    Program Objectives
-To place in an academic and aesthetic context the interdisciplinary study of
the History of the Book and of the Arts and Technologies of the Book.
-To provide graduate students in Art, English, History, Library & Information
Science and other departments who are seriously interested in Book Studies with
a structured program to follow. For those who complete the requirements, the
Certifcate, as a formal part of their academic records, would add a distinction
to their university graduate degree.
-To provide students who desire to study at the University of Iowa, but who are
not interested in pursuing a graduate degree, a framework for their study, and,
upon completion, a credential on their permanent record.

-24 semester hours in approved courses in Book History, the Arts & Technologies
of the Book, or a combination of the two. Six hours of the 24 are two required
introductory courses, which will be offered at least once each academic year:
History of the Book (in place), and The Arts & Technologies of the Book (under
development). Although it is not required that these two core courses be taken
prior to the other courses, it is recommended that they be taken early in the
-Students concentrate their studies in the area of their choice, by choosing
from a combination of courses already cross-listed with the Center, or courses
the student or the Center have identified that may be related to his or her
particular area of emphasis.
-A fnal project, either a research paper in Book Studies, the creation of a
physical object in the Arts & Technologies of the Book, or an approved project
combining these two in a way which refects the student's main interests and
concerns in the study of the Book.

-Graduate students fully enrolled in a graduate degree program at Iowa will
provide a Letter of Application and a Statement of Purpose to the Center, the
latter explaining the student's interests related to the book and his or her
reasons for pursuing the certifcate.
-Special Status Students wishing to pursue the graduate certificate, but not a
graduate degree, will submit a Letter of Application both to the Center and to
the Graduate College, as well as a Statement of Purpose to the Center for the
Book. A GPA of at least 2.5 is required.

There are still some details yet to be finalized, and if anyone is interested in
finding out more, please contact Suzanne Micheau, Program Assistant, or Kim
Merker, director of the Center for the Book, at one of the following
'interactive encounter sites:'

Suzanne Micheau
366 English-Philosophy Building
Iowa City Iowa 52242
tel: 319-335-0447 or 319-335-0438
e-mail: centerforbook@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fax: not recommended-I share with the entire English Dept. 319-335-2535

Kim Merker
102 English-Philosophy Building
Iowa City Iowa 52242
tel & fax: 319-335-0429
e-mail: karl-merker@xxxxxxxxx

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