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A cheap pressing system

For those who can't afford a clamping press (or whatever you call them -
not to print with, but to hold things together while glue dries) and don't
want to mess with C-clamps and plywood:  I recently bought a 25# bag of
lead shot ("chill" shot is the cheapest) for $14 at a local hunting and
camping supply.  I was intending to make ankle-weights to exercise my
knee, but it turns out that the little bag is a wonderful press for small
books (25# covers a space about 5"x8").  It's soft and conforms to
whatever you put it on, so it doesn't even force the creases to be sharper
than I want.

Serendipity - and I can take out the 2 pounds I need for ankle weights
without making any practical difference.

BTW, I'd never been inside Gander Mountain before - the taxidermy was
startling (musk ox, deer, coyote, staring at you as you walk in the

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